What is it?

MelIDI is a MIDI and audio sequencer for Acorn computers running RISC OS 3.1 or later and with at least 2Mb RAM. Features include:

What hardware do I need?

MelIDI can run on any 32-bit Acorn RISC OS computer from the A3x0 series up to the StrongARM Risc PC. It requires 2 megabytes of memory. It can be run from floppy, but a hard disc is preferred. Performance will be much improved on a computer with ARM3 or later. An Acorn compliant MIDI interface is required. Using MIDISupport from ESP is recommended (and is required for plugins). MelIDI has been tested on the following computers:

What do users say about it?

MelIDI has been praised for combining power with ease of use. Click here to see what some users think.

Where can I get MelIDI from?

MelIDI is now available either directly from Liquid Silicon, who are distributing it, or from your local dealer. Dealers and distributors please contact Liquid Silicon.

Is there a demo version?

Yes! Click here to get it. For sample screenshots click here.

Useful accompanying software and information

Please click here for a list of links to resources related to MIDI and RISCOS.

How can I find out more details?

Please contact:
Liquid Silicon
Kirkcaldy, Fife
United Kingdom.

Tel: 01592 592265, Fax: 01592 596102
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