The MelIDI demo is identical to the full version except for a few features.

The MelIDI demo is undergoing continued development as is MelIDI itself.

The demo comes in three separate parts — the main program, a configuration utility and the manual. You will need at least MelIDI and MIDITools. MIDITools allows you to configure MelIDI for your particular MIDI instruments and is identical for both the demo and full release version.

These files are archived as Zip files. If you do not have SparkFS, you can download SparkPlug here.

MelIDI 1.15 (10/5/03)

- the program itself (502118 bytes)

MIDITools 1.12a (21/12/98 - updated 10/5/03)

- the configuration utility (194197 bytes)

Manual 1.10 (12/12/97)

- the manual in Impression format (724946 bytes)

Manual 1.10 (12/12/97)

- the manual in HTML format (583078 bytes)

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