Some quotes from current users:

"I'd just like to say that MelIDI is a pretty funky little package, I love the way it can record control data back over the top of a pattern, for instance the resonance & envelope filters or any other surface control movements from my Darkstar synth, - it then plays back giving some amazing, evolving, multi-layered synth patterns and leads!

I use MelIDI in the studio with: Akai MPC2000 sampler, S2000 sampler, Red Sound Darkstar synth and Roland D10 synth. It's just a dream to use, right down to the drum maps when used with the MPC2000, and then there's the mouse-drawn controller maps for the synths! Woah!! Keep up the development on this impressive & very pleasing software, guys."

"I do like the way that MelIDI detects the type of Controller command you are sending. MelIDI is a joy to use and is a lot more flexible and user friendly than any other MIDI sequencer that I have ever used. A great bit of software!"

"MelIDI's pattern handling is lovely - much nicer than a separate window like MIDIWorks uses, which forces you to be aware of the pattern nature, even if you don't want to be. MelIDI is very neat."

"I'm still finding my way through MelIDI but the combination with the [Yamaha] MU10 seems really amazing."

"Also, I love the drag'n'drop facilities of MelIDI. From rearranging the drum list to moving patterns, it's just so beautifully intuitive and elegant, and extremely impressive - I'm sure it must have taken a huge amount of work to implement."

"Very classy. Very good, clear manual"

"This is clearly the best and most comprehensive sequencing package available on the Archimedes. I was impressed by its clear and straightforward user interface, it is both intuitive and accurate. A pleasure to use. At last we have something on the Arc to rival Cubase and Cakewalk, it's about time!"

"Can I first of all say that MelIDI is a brilliant program far ahead of anything available on the Acorn! Keep up the good work!"

"I'm a user of MelIDI... and it's a cracking package. MelIDI has all the features you'd expect from a top quality professional sequencer (I use Notator, Cakewalk Pro and Logic Audio on a regular basis) with some nice little additions like incredibly quick MIDI file loading, three playback modes for those with less able computers as well as its incredible all-round speed - I don't think it's ever taken control for more than half a second on any operation; and I've got an A3010!"

"There are the windows which are some of the best around: I particularly like the map window in which you can have graphic displays of changes in tempo, velocity, controllers (picked by name or number) and control of plug-in extensions. For all these, you can simply draw in a controller change and use the powerful transform function to change it all sorts of ways. Then there's the controller sliders. Beautifully compact and go all the way up to track number 'infinity' :-) I'm more than pleased with MelIDI and completely overwhelmed by the support I'm getting - definitely unparalleled!"

"I was playing around with some fairly heavy sysex dumps and recording controller information at the MelIDI end and it all worked first time without any hitches at all; marvellous. Loading MIDI file patch dumps and so-on gave no problems and played back into the SN2R at a variety of tempos without any glitches. Controller information captured via. playing with front panel controls whilst MelIDI was recording were correctly mapped to controller text from the relevant file in the instrument definition when viewed through the event list; all in all, I was impressed :-)"

"MelIDI allows patterns to be 'linked'... MIDIWorks has no such feature". "I much prefer the technique, used by MelIDI, of hiding the information unless it's needed". "MelIDI is very user-friendly when opening the [editor] window: it selects the most appropriate view (piano or drum) and makes sure that the window is positioned where the notes are". "A lot of what the logic editor [in MIDIWorks] can do, MelIDI does anyway in rather more user friendly ways (e.g. controller graphs can be transformed using a dialogue)".

"It is probably clear by now which sequencer I preferred. MelIDI has many good features which obviously didn't occur to the authors of MIDIWorks". "Finally, MIDIWorks will not let you do any editing at all while MIDI playback is operating; in MelIDI, the whole application works whether MIDI playback is on or not. This does make MIDIWorks a big pain to use on occasion". "[Compared to MIDIWorks], Melidi is almost equally powerful whilst being vastly easier to use... The complexity inherent in editing a MIDI file is well hidden ... and, as a result, the package is simpler to learn". " probably more suitable for professional work than MIDIWorks...". "In short, MelIDI is excellenty designed and I fully recommend it".

MelIDI is also used by several commercial companies. As an example, R-Comp Interactive have used it for:

"Abuse: Re-recorded all MIDI tracks in game (about 20), and reorchestrated with MelIDI. MelIDI was also used to crop the music to suitable repeat point, and to tweak tempo and stereo effects.

Syndicate: Completely re-orchestrated and revamped from the original which was designed for FM Synths. MelIDI allowed us to recreate the original soundtrack as it was envisaged using the full GM/XG instrument set. And it allowed us to get rid of the "interesting" use of the helicopter voice, which actually sounds like a "whoosh" in the FM set!

Heroes of Might and Magic 2: Minor reorchestration, and fine tuning on tempos and loop points."

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